Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well I'm off to Cumbria tomorrow in preparation for Woolfest, woo hoo!
On Thursday I'll be joined by 4 fellow blogging fibre addicts for two fab fibre-filled days and I'm sure we'll have a fantastic time. Our spinning wheels are coming with us, and so is more of Norman, who is spinning up nicely!! I'll post some pics after WF.
If anyone reading this goes to Woolfest and passes a rowdy bunch of women, please say hello!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Holiday's Over!

Well and truly! The washings done, the ironing pile is wobblingly high and I just want to spin!

The holiday was fab with just one hiccup in the middle, namely Fair Isle!

It had all started so well. Ian and I travelled to Benderloch, just outside Oban and stayed on a very small croft/site, which was so peaceful, and only a short walk to a lovely beach.

We walked and ate and generally relaxed in the glorious weather. We visited a poultry place which was less than a mile away from our site. I'd love to have a few chickens and it was wonderful to see all the different breeds and talk to the owners who were so helpful and full of info.

We then travelled to Braemar in the Cairngorms, to a Caravan club site called The Invercauld, another peaceful site. The village was only a few minutes away. Handy for Ian while I was in Fair Isle.............we thought!

The flight to Shetland was brill and Carrie Anne was an absolute star! The flight was followed by a two and a half hour ferry ride, where we saw a minke whale and many different types of seabirds.

Our first glimpse of Fair Isle.

Then everything seemed to go downhill from there! The 'retreat' was nothing like we'd hoped it would be, for many reasons, which I won't go into here, suffice to say we were so disappointed we decided to leave after two days.

The positive sides to the trip though were plentiful. Firstly, Carrie Anne flew! Twice! Evidence below

We saw a beautiful part of the world, albeit briefly. I would love to return and see the islands and their wildlife more closely. We also met some wonderful people along the way, who were very supportive when things were going wrong and I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time in the company of Carrie Anne!

So I returned to Braemar and spent the rest of the hols with my dear hubby, who I fear has started a new hobby, munro bagging! The dogs went beserk when I came back too! They had a whale of a time, walking, swimming, eating and sleeping with a bit of stick chasing in between!

Paddy and Alfie looking pooped!


And so it was back to reality, Ian back to work and the holiday washing done!

I've spent the morning washing some fleece that I bought yesterday on a spinning course that Becky found only half an hours drive away! It was everything I'd hoped Fair Isle would be. Yesterdays lesson was on a members farm, and we were shown what to look for in a fleece and what to do with it to prepare it for spinning. It was brilliant,all the members were so friendly and welcoming and the tutor fantastic. I was buzzing afterwards and as I said I brought some fleece back home from a lovely Shropshire called Norman!

So Normans drying in the garden at the moment and I can't wait to spin with him!

Isn't life strange?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Are You Ready Fair Isle?

I can't believe that it's actually here! The time has come to put the last bits in the van, make sure the kids have enough food to last them til Christmas and get out of those raggy knickers!

Fair Isle here we come!

Ian and I are heading towards Oban first til next Wednesday when we move across the country to Braemar. And Thursday of course is D-Day. Or should I say GCOTP-Day? (Get Carrie On The Plane Day!) ;)
After our flight from Aberdeen to Shetland, we get the ferry (for ferry, read fishing boat!) to Fair Isle. I have been told by Angela, our tutor and hostess for the week, that we will be travelling on the ferry with cargo that she has been waiting to be delivered. Namely a cow and her twin calves! Aaawwww! I think she should name them Carrie and Kath!!

Ian and the dogs will spend their time in the Cairngorms, while Carrie and I are in Fair Isle. I'm sure he's looking forward to some quiet time on his own, without my constant chattering!

So make sure you all have a restful few weeks, cos when we get back, I'm sure you'll need lots of strength and perseverance, to get through mine and Carrie Annes mega posts and pictures!
See you soon!!