Sunday, March 20, 2011


When you are feeling as though the dark days will never pass and struggling through the mud of life, its amazing what a day with friends can do.
I spent a wonderful day last week with two of my dearest friends. We had a day of talking lots, eating beautiful food and even managed to squeeze in some crafting!! It lifted my spirits so much. Since that day I've made some cards, sketched, done some watercolour painting and knitted a bit more of my sock!

My knee has been giving me trouble for the past few months and I finally got to see a physio at a Joint Assessment clinic, who informed me I had a subluxating patella!! Sounds much more painful than a 'dodgy knee'! It can be simple to fix with exercises and ice packs but these need to be done for up to 6 months. So I need a way to remember to do the exercises 3 times a day. Any ideas? The dafter the better!!

Thank you for your comments too, they are much appreciated.