Saturday, December 30, 2006

These Socks Are Made For Walking...

Well I`ve finally finished Ians socks so I thought I'd take a pic to post. But Ian being Ian, when I asked him to pose his feet so I could take a photo of the socks together, these were the results

This one wasn't too bad, but then I commented that you couldn't see the back sock too well.
This resulted in the following photo! Swan Lake it ain't!!

This one shows how badly matched the socks are, as well as Ians obvious expertise in balletic posture!

He kept that one quiet, I wondered what he wanted all that pink net for!!

I thought I'd leave with a pic of Alfie, standing in the frost covered grasses on Boxing Day. The frost was amazing in the way it had accumulated day after day.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year, ours will be quiet as always.

Thanks to everyone who has left comments over the last few months, I really do appreciate them all. Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

*wolf whistles!*

The socks look fantastic!!

Have a wonderful New Year, here's to an excellent year for you all xx

Anonymous said...

The socks look great - very manly! But as good as the ballet pose is, the photo of your dog wins for cuteness!

Happy New Year!

Piglottie said...

Great socks, lovely poses! And Alfie is just gorgeous.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Ian could dance as well...!!!! Fab socks Kath, it is exceptionally hard to make them match sometimes!!! Hope you have a good New Year. See you on Friday? 2007 is going to be a fab year for us, I'm determined!!

Rain said...

Happy New Year!

The socks look fantastic, shame about the legs ;)

Brrr! It looks cold up your way.

Silvia said...

I like the look of the Socks.Your Alfie sure is a cutie

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Ah Alfie is a cutie - as obviously are Ian's feet!!!!!

(Am very envious of the fair isle trip - wow!!!!)

InkyArtitude said...

The socks are fantastic Kat, I'm afraid Ian's hairy legs aren't a patch on Alfies though! Doesn't he look so cute?........(Alfie I mean). Sorry Ian

artyfartykat said...

How could you Inkyartitude? Alfies strutting around as if he owns the place, while Ians crying into his whisky!!

Anonymous said...

I love those socks, they look great.

Anonymous said...

Great socks and love the pose ;-) I must be the only blogger yet to make socks, have the yarn just need the time !! What a cute little dog Alfie is. I wonder if they feel the cold ? I keep threatening to knit coats for our two schnauzers but hubby won't let me & I don't think they would either . May be one day I will knit a really naff one in secret LOL