Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Look Blog!

Well I've finally succumbed to the the constant prodding by Blogger and have gone Beta!! While I was on I decided to change my blog colour as I'm not really a pink person!! I thought I'd go with a bit of nature, what do you think?

I finally got the beanie finished! It was really simple to knit, but as I said previously, I made an easy pattern difficult due to lack of concentration! But I finally got there and it fits Tom a treat! It was the first time I'd 'fiddled' with a pattern, adding extra stitches and pattern repeats in an attempt,successful as it turned out, to fit my sons large head!

I've already started my next project. It's my sister in laws birthday at the end of January and I've started a pair of Fetching in black for her birthday. She admired a pair that I knitted for a Christmas pressie and so I thought they would be ideal.

She loved the bag I made her for Christmas and a couple of her friends are keen for me to make them one each, but I'm really stuck on how much I should charge for labour. Any ideas?

My back has been really rough these last few days, so I haven't been able to get the spinning wheel out. I feel terrible about the wheels lack of use, its not that I don't want to use it, but things seem to conspire against me. I liked Kaths ( Kaths Krafty Kreations) idea of doing something each day e.g. spinning Monday, weaving Tuesday and it can be left really flexible to cope with lifes ups and downs!!

Tomorrow night is Knitknots at Darlington forum and I'm looking forward to a little bit of knitting and an awful lot of nattering! Oh and a gorgeous cake and cup of coffee!! Tempted? Me too!!


craftydramaqueen said...

Tom's hat is gorgeous! I love that pattern. The yarn you used looks fab. I fancy going to Knit Knots tomorrow night. I'm missing you all sooo much!

Silvia said...

The hat is great. Bet it will keep his head nice and warm. Shame I am working the next day (4am getting up) I would pop to Darlo maybe some other time......
Your Blog looks calming and serene

InkyArtitude said...

Love the 'new look' blog Kat, very eco friendly. The hat is fab, can you knit one for everyone at Graphicus please........ we need more warmth!!! I think you do a remarkable job of fitting so much into so little time but I know what you mean - there just is never quite enough to achieve everything on the list. Enjoy tomorow.

acrylik said...

Tom's hat is wonderful!!

Love the new look blog, very calming. It's also quite spooky - go to
and look at the colour for your birthday - it's almost identical to the background colour on your blog!!

See you tomorrow night!

Helen said...

I like your template ;)

Cool looking hat too!

dreamcatcher said...

Love the hat and the Fetchings! I like the new colour scheme on the blog too :-)

Regarding labour costs, take a look at Jean Moss' site for an example. You can buy kits for garments, or buy them ready knitted, and these costs 3 times the cost of the yarn alone. I don't know if that is industry standard, and it's always hard to balance the true cost of labour i.e. your time and expertise vs what people will actually pay.

Rain said...

Love the new look.

The hat looks lovely. I really like the colour.

I find it hard to put a price on things too. I read somewhere about charging the cost of the yarn plus that cost doubled for your labour.

Sarah said...

Very lovely new look to the blog, beautiful colours.

Great hat too, and the Fetching look well very fetching :)

Artis-Anne said...

Love the hat and I am sure he will.
I too have changed to the new Beta but as yet have not changed my template as you lose a lot of stuff/links etc so I am playing with a test blog to see what I can save !! and if I can make my own template. I'm with you on the spinning at the moment as I have not been that well these last couple of weeks and unable to do any and I miss it so ,but hey we do things when we can, remember its a hobby not a chore or a competition between folks either :) Hope your back is better soon
Re pricing I used to sell crafty things at one time and to be honest you never get the pay for the hours you put in

gonga said...

The hat looks great, just in time too, theres going to be a cold spell coming!!!!
Missed you yesterday, wondered if you were up for a trip to Borders on thursday( Paul isn't going out to play so I can!!!) let me know, I'll see if C-A wants to too!!

artyfartykat said...

Gonga, I've tried leaving a comment on your blog but Blogger won't let me!
I can't make it this time to Borders, sorry!

Kath said...

Great looking hat - very cozy looking and ideal for this weather!
Love the colours of the blog - not sure if I dare try and play with mine again yet - last try got me seriously wound up! Thanks for the mention!