Sunday, February 11, 2007

Birthday Week!

Today is the start of my birthday week , not that at my age I'm supposed to celebrate being another year older!! I can remember when I was little being told ( and believing!) that once you got to 21, you went backover getting younger each year! If only it were true I'd be -25 now!

My birthday has been a quiet affair since my 26th birthday, which I spent in the labour ward of our local maternity hospital. But our son Tom managed to put off appearing on my birthday and hung on in until the next day and became my Valentine present for 1987!! Since then my birthday has usually been spent preparing for parties etc for Tom. Not that I'm complaining mind, now that hes almost 20, I don't have much to do, other than buy his cake and pressies!!

I actually got one of my birthday pressies yesterday. Ian got me a Colour Me Beautiful colour analysis which I've wanted to do for years and years. It was fascinating! I found out that I am an Autumn person which I was over the moon about as I love the colours of Autumn, but also deep colours with warm tones suited me best. She also went through makeup, showing me which colours looked best on my skin. It was so relaxing! I left with a wallet of fabric swatches, which will hopefully guide me to choose clothes in colours that suit. I took a (blurry)photo of some of the swatches.

I've finally finished the red pair of Fetching after a small hiccup! When I put the pair together, I found that one glove was about 2 cm longer than the other. So I knit another glove and hoped it would be similar in size to one of them, which luckily it was!! The annoying thing was, it was one of the few times I had remembered to reverse the cabling, typical!, especially as I forgot on number 3!! Number 2 (if you pardon the expression!) is pictured below.

I've cast on a sheep from Simply Knitting , but I'm finding the Sirdar Snuggly hard work. I'm dying to get started on the Ullcentrum yarn I bought at Harrogate. I'm wanting to knit a shawl or wrap and would like to try some simple lace, any ideas?

After all the wintry weather the rest of the country was having, we finally got some snow!

Pathetic. Call that a snow fall!

I'm off to wrestle with the Snuggly, think I'll have a cuppa first!


Kendra said...

Lots of my friends have had the Colour Me Beautiful analysis done too and they all recommend it. It sounds really interesting.

Your Fetching gloves look lovely. How annoying about the size issue.

In terms of lace patterns, Eunny's Print of the Waves has a pretty easy repeat and the version on Posh Yarns doesn't even need you to add on the border afterwards.

Happy Birthday!

acrylik said...

Happy happy birthday week!!

Did you see your "stars" in Simply Knitting this month? After the extra rows in Fetching it made me laugh ;) Wow - that astrologer is good!! ;)

Looking forward to hearing all about your Colour Me Beautiful session, the colours in your swatches look gorgeous.

InkyArtitude said...

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed your colour analysis - it's fascinating and wonderful when you see the right colours working against your skin isn't it? Sorry about the Fetching problem, I know how hard you worked to finish them - beautiful colour, and well done.
I hope all the appointments go well this week. Look forward to seeing you soon.

dreamcatcher said...

The colour analysis sounds really interesting, the colours I like/wear have changed somewhat over time but I wonder what the analysis would say :-)

Lovely Fetchings, it seems most people manage to do something odd with them, me included - my last pair I missed a row on one of the cable-rib repeats, nothing too serious but I think this pattern is jinxed :-D

Happy Birthday for this week, hope you have plenty of cake!

emmie johnson said...

Happy Birthday week. Interesting post.
Peep into my blog on friendship greeting cards for some beautiful e-greeting cards and friendly tips.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday week - hope it is filled with yarny goodness.

Rain said...

Happy Birthday!

We had equally pathetic snow here. I feel quite cheated.

What a pain with the Fetching but at least you could fix it. I just made some too and had to frog part of one as well.

Craftydramaqueen said...

I found snowflake hard/impossible to knit with. I don't think I'll be making a flock!
The colours look fab, how many glasses did you have??!!!!
Shame you don't know anyone with three hands, one being longer than the others...
Hope you have a fab birthday. See you on Friday.
(Paul sends birthday kisses!!!)
Hugs xxx

domino said...

Happy Birthday! I'll see you on Friday with my finished Colinette socks!

InkyArtitude said...

Happy Birthday Kat! Hope that it has been a perfect day for you and that the rest of the week holds lots of pleasant suprises, enjoyable experiences and makes you many happy memories.

(PS: having a Birthday means you can have extra cake on Friday - but you don't need me to tell you that)!

Artis-Anne said...

Happy Birthday and I hope you have a lovely day :)
I have heard a lot of folks who have done the colour analysis, rave about it.
Your 'Fetching' gloves look lovely despite the error

Piglottie said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful week.

I love autumnal colours too, my favourites - so warm and cosy. And Fetching are in the right colour, and are lovely.

Kath said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you've had a lovely birthday week and enjoyed it all. The Colour Me Beautiful sounds fun and I'm glad your colours are ones you love! The Fetchings are a lovely colour - at least you'll have a spare in case you loose one!! Thank you for the Birthday wishes, and yes, I have had fun spending my Birthday money and got a bit carried away so definately on a yarn diet!!

Fibrespace said...

Hope you had a good birthday, you had about as much snow as we did. Wasn't even worth digging the sledge out of the garage. Would love to meet up at the woolfest.