Sunday, May 13, 2007

Anniversary Waltz?

21 years! We've been married 21 years and boy, has it flown!
To mark such an occasion, my dear hubby bought me a beautiful bouquet. I've always wanted one of those bouquets in a 'bubble' of water! No doubt there's a proper florist-y term for the bag of water , but my knowledge of floristry is minimal!

A very talented friend called Judith, makes fantastic figures from Fimo clay, in a range she calls Jobsworthy. Take a look at her blog She made a figure of Ian for me! Ian loves walking with his beloved dogs and so she made a hiker from clay, complete with packed lunch and a thermos in his back pack! I love it and more to the point, so did Ian!

The detail is fantastic, even down to his favourite rugby shirt!

This week also saw the delivery of some Handpainted yarns. They look fab, and really for the price, you can't be robbed! Carrie Anne and I clubbed together and chose 3 yarns each. These are the ones I chose, 2 lace weight and one I want to try felting with.

I've also been tagged by Kat of Knitty Kitty Kat Chat. Thanks Kat!
I have to write 7 facts/habits about myself on my blog and tag 7 others to do the same. As I'm always one for breaking the rules, if you would like to have a go, consider yourself tagged! Here's my fact/habits,

1. I got married at Gretna Green! So did Ian! Isn't that a coincidence!

2. I'm very tall. Just under 6ft actually. I HATE clothes shopping cos nothing is ever long enough! Thank goodness for Long Tall Sally! But occasionally I do feel small, especially when I stand next to my 6'8" son!

3. I am a craftaholic ! I love loads of different crafts and would love to try loads more. I don't make as many cards as I used to, as the yarn has taken over, but I still design and make card samples for Graphicus.

4. I am a qualified nurse. I qualified in 1983, which feels light years ago! But due to quite severe back problems, I am no longer able to nurse. :( I loved the hustle and bustle of the wards and Ian thought the uniform was OK too!

5. I passed my driving test first time, though you'd never guess by watching me reverse!

6. I used to be a really bad nail biter, but finally kicked the habit about 10 years ago. I would love to have lovely shaped and polished nails, but I'm terrible for not wearing gloves in the garden or when washing up.

7. I used to play the flute at school and would love to have a go again. I would also like to learn guitar, but my memory is sooo bad, I don't know if it's possible!

Hope I haven't sent you all to sleep! Thanks for all your lovely comments too. If there's anyone who hasn't commented before, please do!


Auntie Noo said...

That fimo Ian is absolutely precious! - and very good looking!!!!!! I used to play the flute too - still have it somewhere at the back of the wardrobe. D'you reckon you could still play one?

acrylik said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

I just love the model of Ian, and your bouquet is gorgeous.

Oooh, the yarn, the yarn!! The colours you chose are gorgeous. Can't wait til tomorrow to get my mitts on mine - lol!

Loved the meme.

Daisy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Artis-Anne said...

Happy Anniversary to you both:)
That Fimo figure is truly amazing and so detailed
Great buys from Handpainted Yarns

Fibrespace said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely bouquet of flowers. That yarn looks good enough to eat!!

Curly Cable said...

Happy Anniversary to you both, and what gorgeous flowers, the fimo figure of Ian is superb, really artistic. I loved reading your random facts.

Piglottie said...

Happy Anniversary!

What a wonderful present. And I adore all the clay figures on the website, especially love the monk :)

Lovely to learn more about you too :)

Kath said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Great Fimo Ian - easier to look after too I suppose LOL! Love the new yarns, so yummy but then HPY are always lovely!

Seahorse said...

Happy anniversary!

CA put me onto Handpainted Yarns after you'd mentioned them to her, so I owe you one there, lol!

Great to get to know you a bit better with the meme :)

ferg said...

Happy Anniversary. I'm so glad to see that someone can create truly wonderful pieces from fimo. I never got further than beads! Such character and probably clever caricature is shown in the piece depicting Ian. I might even be able to go up to him in the street.
Tell him the 6 footer he doesn't know is only me,
Cheers Gillian

Rain said...

Happy Anniversary!

The mini-me Ian is fabulous.

Those yarns are stunning.

Kat said...

OOOH interesting facts, I too play the flute and bgan my student nurse training, how odd!

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary, love the bouquet, the mini-Ian and the yarns are gorgeous

Badger said...

Happy anniversary and I adore that little fimo Ian!

InkyArtitude said...

Happy (belated, very belated) Anniversary to you both. Your flowers are beautiful Kat and Ian's altered ego is superb, what a novel pressy. That yarn.... wooooow! makes me want to cuddle it. Can't wait to see the outcome.

knitphomaniac said...

that's some beautiful yarn! and very nice flowers! congrats on being married 21 years!

Craftydramaqueen said...

Belated Happy Anniversary. Love the minature Ian! How romantic, getting married at Gretna. I love Stargazer lilies. We got some sent to out hotel room on our honeymoon, so they always remind me of a happy time. I love the Handpainted yarns.

dreamcatcher said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the Fimo figure, so detailed :-) Gorgeous yarns from HPY, I can see we will all be back there!

nanatoo said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Is that a Leicester shirt I wonder on Ian's figure?
Love the HPY, Carrie Anne FORCED me to get some too, lol, and I'm waiting for it now.
DH is 6'5" and we think our DD will be 6ft at least. Be proud! :D

Helen said...

Happy Aniversary! Mini-Ian is amazing.

I'd love to be able to play the flute. I had lessons at school but couldn't get the hang of it. That still makes me sad.

Craftydramaqueen said...

You have been tagged for the 7 random facts meme.I found this one really hard to do!

ra said...

ha ha, that's terrific. wonderful little model. Is your old man a Tigers fan by any chance?

Kendra said...

Happy Anniversary!

My husband is a nail biter too. I'd love to know how you managed to kick the habit. Was it just will power?

RoxyKnits said...

A very very belated Happy Anniversary to you both!!!

Love the fimo figures ;)

(I'm still catching on emails and blogs since our if you couldn't tell!)