Monday, October 08, 2007

We Have The Power!

The power of electricity that is! Electricity that we didn't have from 10.30am Thursday until 2.30 pm Friday! It all started when I noticed smoke coming from the cupboard that houses the electric meter and fusebox thingy. I was very calm and switched off the electricity at the mains, then got on the phone to Ian and squealed like a girl!

An electrician was summoned, but as it was 5.30pm by the time he arrived, he could only make things safe and promise to return the next day. So out came the candles! OOhh, lovely I thought, a quiet evening knitting I thought. Wrong! How the Victorians managed to do their delicate, intricate needlework by candlelight I don't know, I couldn't see a thing! So an early night was the SLEEP of course!!

Finally by 2.30pm the next day we were back on the grid. Little did we know that another problem was brewing. It was discovered by Kate, who desperate for a shower, dived in that evening. All I heard were the screams, as the freezing cold water hit her!! Somehow, the electrician had managed to wire us up wrongly, which damaged a circuit in the boiler, which meant a plumber joined the happy family on Saturday morning, to fix the boiler!

Thankfully we are now sorted. Very grateful that I was in when the smoke appeared and even more grateful it didn't happen overnight.

While Ian was sorting out the boiler problems on Saturday, I went off for a girly day with Carrie Anne, Becky and Bev to MIMA, a modern art museum in Middlesbrough. We had a wonderful day in the company of Felieke van der Leest, a brilliant artist who uses crochet and knitting in her jewellery.

This pic was taken during the afternoon workshop, which followed the morning lecture. It was a great way to explore freeform crochet, and we had a good giggle too!

This was the 3D heart I crocheted without a pattern, just making it up as I went, it's not great but I enjoyed the process. The cafe in MIMA was lovely and we just had to have a couple of visits!
I even managed to get a few rows of sock knitted while I was there, so all in all a brilliant day! This is the very sock, though I am much further on than the picture now.

I'm also really enjoying the Pirates hat, thank you for your helpful fairisle tips. I started off poorly, mainly because I didn't read the instructions! And because I didn't read the instructions, I tried to follow the chart in the same way as I had in previous lace patterns and then couldn't understand why the pattern wasn't working out! Duurrrrrhh! Then the penny dropped, I was knitting in the round! After a few choice expletives and reading of the pattern, I managed to get going.

It was so exciting to see the skulls appear! So, so far, so good! Eventually!

I don't know if anyone has seen the Walls sausage adverts with the dog trying to pinch the sausages, but I love it cos the dog is a Border terrier, the same as our beloved Alfie. So when I saw they were giving away an inflatable 'Grizzler' as he's called, I just had to have one. I waited over 6 weeks and it came today. I blew it up........and was horrified! I have never seen such an ugly, frightening thing in all my life! It's horrific!

It actually doesn't look too bad in the photo, but it would frighten kids in real life! Just to show what it should look like, I took tried to take a photo of Alfie and Grizzler, but Alfie was scared of it!

So it's been quite an eventful week, though most of it I'd prefer not to repeat! Hopefully I'll have a bit more time ( and electricity) to catch up with everyones blogs and plenty of illumination for knitting!!


Kath said...

Hmmm - I wonder why they were giving away those dogs?! What a scary time! We had a little Carbon Monoxide scar a few months ago and it made us go cold to think what could have happened. Good to see you've had a fun day out and lovely to see CA with you. Hope you're all well and have no more home emergencies!

Piglottie said...

I love Border Terriers, and your Alfie is gorgeous (unlike the Walls version!). Glad you got the electrics sorted out eventually, and like you, I wonder how anybody did anything before electric lighting. I used to live on a boat and often only had candle light to read by and nearly went blind! Your day our looks great - you girls up there get up to some great things!

InkyArtitude said...

I love Grizzler! But I love Alfie more. Isn't he sweet sitting there trying to ignore the Border Terrorist beside him. I am pleased to hear you got all the domestic nightmares sorted.... you've had more than your fair share. Looks like you had a fab day out on Saturday - good for you! Hope to see you soon.

Artis-Anne said...

Gosh , how lucky that you were at home when it happened.Thank goodness it's all sorted now; we get power cuts up here occasionaly in winter so are used to the candle evenings but as you say , you defo can't do intricate knitting.
Oh what a great pic of all the girls; sounds like the perfect day you had and I love the heart . I keep meaning to try freeform crochet/knitting (one of these days)
No wonder Alfie was scared of that thing , I would be too,doesn't look like a dog at all!! Alfie looks adorable though , so cute; We very nearly went for Border terriers as it's another breed I really like, as again , like ours,they are real characters.
Your pirate is coming on great , congratulations and the sock colour is lovely too.

Queen of the froggers said...

I am glad that you found the smoke when you did, scary. I love the colour of the socks and the workshop looked fab! Your dog is cute but that blow up thing is horrid!!!

Auntie Noo said...

Glad all your domestic issues are sorted - thank goodness you were home! Your day out looks such fun!

Sarah said...

Phew - glad the plumbing and electrics are all sorted out now and that light has been restored for the lovely knitting.

Curly Cable said...

Glad to hear you managed to sort the electrics out, like you said, good thing you was at home. Sounds like you had a lovely day out on Saturday though to help make up. Alfie is such a sweetie,:) not too sure about the blow-up dog though, It does look rather scary!

Seahorse said...

What a nightmare!

I am so jealous of your workshop though - you bunch get up to the *best* stuff!

Poor Alfie! I wouldn't want to sit next to Grizzler either!

Craftydramaqueen said...

Glad you are wired correctly again! Loving the socks and the hat looks complicated. Alfie is sooo cute, the inflatable is maybe for Hallowe'en? Hugs xx

dominocat said...

Crikey I look red in that first picture! It was a fab day, and Felieke's work is just inspiring.

That photo with Alfie and the inflatable Grizzler just cracks me up!

Bev xx

ra said...

HELL if I had a shedload of those inflatable dogs I'D give them away too..... Nowt like a border terrier!

Glad to hear that you and yours escaped being toast!

Mrs J said...

I'm not sure how long it would take me to start screaming! Good job you were at home though! You have just reminded me of our off-on, mainly off months without our Rayburn last winter & reminded me it needs some TLC/ a service! Thanks! My vote is with Alfie!

Silvia said...

My word!!! How scary the smoke thing!! Good job you were at home or it could....well it don't bear thinking about!!!
My goodness that blowup thing is hideous!! No wonder Alfie is scared of it....I would be as well. Your Alfie is a cutie though.

dreamcatcher said...

Oh goodness what a scare with the electricity! Glad it is all fixed and you are all OK.

The hat is looking great!

That inflatable dog is scary :-o

Looks like a lovely day out with the girls there :-)

Artylicious Glenda said...

Oh boy, what a drama! Glad you got it sorted out, one night by candlelight is enough. I nearly sent my place up in smoke when I left some papers resting against a light!

Can we borrow Grizzler as a guard dog - one look and any potential ne'er do wells will run a mile!

Kat said...

At least your safe and have electricity! It can be quite scary when things go wrong! Love the socks, lovely autumnal colours.

RoxyKnits said...

Looks like you had a great day out!

Thank goodness you managed to get all electrics and plumbing sorted out. Must have been quite a scare......