Friday, March 14, 2008

Back To The Blog!

Its been too long since I last blogged, but I'm hoping to get back in the swing! I think I put off blogging because of the time it takes, I'm so slow at typing. So I'm going to try to do shorter posts, but saying that, this ones probably going to be quite big because of all the pics!

I've really lost my knitting mojo at the moment, well ALL my mojos seem a dim and distant memory at present. Hopefully the lighter, longer days will lift the gloom and I'll feel more up to doing things. I have done one quick knit. I realised a few days before we went to Prague that I didn't have a hat, so a quick dash to my LYS ensued! Using Woolly Wormheads Rolling beret pattern, I quickly dashed off this natty little hat in Sirdar Peru. When I say quickly, I MEAN quickly! It materialised before my eyes. And it kept me nice and snug on our weekend away.

We went to Prague with my brother and his wife. Flying from Newcastle, the flight was only an hour and a half so we were there in no time. We stayed in a gorgeous pension not far from the Old Town square. The beautiful old buildings were everywhere, a real mix of Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau, I think I wandered around open mouthed at the sheer size and number of them.

The old town square was breathtakingly beautiful and the cafes in the square breathtakingly expensive, but we did go into one just to experience the atmosphere.

While we were drinking our coffee, a guy with a pair of scissors, cut our silhouettes! Mine was very flattering so I bought it!

Ian's didn't look like him at all, it looked more like Benny Hill, so we had to get that one too!

It was chilly at times and Carol bought a hat to keep her ears warm!

This is a view of Prague castle from the Charles bridge.

The Charles bridge which we crossed en route to Prague Castle, was gorgeous with religious statues along the parapets and arts and craft stalls dotted along its length.

Every view was spectacular and I took hundreds of photos, most of which I won't inflict on you but a couple of favourites, first the astronomical clock which was stunning

but Tyn church in the square was my favourite of all, not just during the day when it looked so imposing and majestic, even when I got all arty and took black and white pics

But also at night, when all the turrets were lit from inside, it looked like a fairy tale castle. The photos aren't very good but to give an idea I'll post just one

I would definitely recommend Prague, but make sure you wear comfy shoes, there's a lot of walking!