Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Journaling Addiction!

Just when I thought there couldn't possibly be any other crafts crammed into my life, up pops journaling and I lay the blame firmly at the door of the fab Lynn aka http://inkyartitude.blogspot.com/! And I am SO grateful!! It is wonderfully relaxing and freeing and I love it!

I must also mention another lady whose blog is http://www.thekathrynwheel.blogspot.com/. I find her art work SO inspirational, especially her use of colour and it has encouraged me to become much more adventurous.

There are pages in my journal that I like better than others and some I just don't like at all. Some I keep going back to and doodling, some I might paint over, but what I love about it is, IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!

Heres a few pics, a mixture of finished and unfinished pages and even just painted backgrounds, some I like, some I don't but I don't care, I allow myself not to like them!!

At last the snow has melted away but as I uploaded the journal pics from my camera, I found some snowy ones I'd forgotton I'd taken. I love the differences in light.

I also found these photos of our poor underfed pooches, who are so starved, they have to dig for bird food that has been covered up by the snow!! Please don't phone the RSPCA, I promise to feed them honest!

Paddy digging for any morsels he can find!

You can see just how thin Alfie is!! Ha!

Back to the journaling then!


acrylik said...

Fabulous pages, I'm loving them :) The snow pictures are gorgeous too, especially the first one, love the light.
Keep on journalling!x

gonga said...

Kath these are wonderful and you clearly love doing them too. Keep it up. Happy new year too!! been a bit snowy to get to spinning past few weeks. will catch up soon no doubt!! BEX

jill.hippychick7 said...

Woah Kath, they're amazing!!!!

I have sooo much to aspire to, having just started on the journaling road LOL!!!



Silvia said...

They are just fab...no no no I can't possibly copy that...erm..well maybe I can??? I love them they look amazing

thekathrynwheel said...

I'm loving your journal pages - you have such variety! Love the chutney page :-) Keep having fun, Kate x

InkyArtitude said...

It's so good to see you enjoying what you're doing, that's what journaling is all about and I totally agree with you about it being addictive. Your work is really good, you have so found yourself... it shows. It's also fantastic to see you return to blogging, I had no idea you were back in blogland. I've so enjoyed catching up with all your posts and the lovely photography. Paddy and Alfie in the snow are brill!
I'll be looking out for the next post now I know you're back.
Lynn xXx

Daisy said...

That looks like fun. Can't believe you've got another craft!

LØB said...

I just found your blog through Ravelry.I use that site alot. I have two teenage kids - and a lab. I like journaling (have a Flickr page for that)I blog. I have knit a Forest Canopy shawl... Now I have to go back to your blog to explore it more! It is an interesting one!Have a great Easter.

paradykes said...

Your journaling pages are amazing! I've never seen anything like them and I think i'm also going to have a new hobby. I can so see myself not only doing my normal writing journal but in a whole new way with colors and pictures god why had I never thought of this before. What an amazing outlet, I can't wait to start!