Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Busy Day

Its been a busy day, with setting up my blog and all! When I say setting up my blog, thats not strictly true! Without Carrie, I wouldn`t even have a blog! So, merci beaucoup Carrie!
I did`nt really introduce' my boys' pictured below. Alfie is the O so innocent looking Border terrier puppy and Paddy is our handsome black Lab. They are full of beans but usually tire each other out!!
I can`t wait to get my needles out tonight.Since I started on my first pair of socks only a couple of nights ago, I`ve been hooked! The Opal self patterning yarn is fantastic. I get excited waiting to see what the next colour will look like when its knitted into the sock!! So I`m off to start knitting!!

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acrylik said...

Hope the sock knitting went well, looking forward to seeing how it's going tomorrow :)