Monday, September 04, 2006

Up and running again!

Well I`m finally back online, following a series of hiccups with our wireless connection. Me and technology just shouldn`t mix! ( When I say technology, I mean anything from a tin opener!!) Last weekend, Ian and I had a lovely lazy long weekend in the Lake District. I cracked on with my sock and I`m really pleased with it so far.
While we were there, I couldn`t resist a trip to the Woolclip. There were too many beautiful wools to choose from! After much deliberation, I chose a hand spun, hand dyed wool in a shade called Raspberry Coulis! Good enough to eat!

I also bought a scarf kit in beautiful soft aquas and pinks. I have just started it and already my daughter Kate is dropping hints about needing a new scarf and how the colours of the one I`m knitting are really nice...........!

Today was the first Spennyknit group, at the Settlement in Spennymoor. Turn out was disappointing, but with it being the first one AND school holidays, things can only get better. I wish Andrea every success, Carrie and I had a lovely time. It`s brill at the moment what with Knitnnatter,Stitches, Knit knots and now Spennyknit, its wall to wall knitting! What more could a girl ask for( except more handbags of course!)


acrylik said...

Hurrah - glad to see you're back online! I agree about the wall-to-wall knitting, isn't it fantastic?!

craftydramaqueen said...

Thanks for turning up! I still had a great time (excluding noisy children!!) Thanks v. much for the good luck card, it's fab!

InkyArtitude said...

Great to see you're back up and running Kat. Thankyou for the good wishes for Diesel. We've got fingers and paws crossed for Paddy's results. Lots of Licks!
P.S. Love the Sock and yummy yarns.

acrylik said...

Ooooh, I see your Wool Clip scarf is at 100%!! Pictures please :D