Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And Then There Were Three!

Well, the first of our chicks has fledged! Tom finally moved to Newcastle after weeks of preparation, with enough stuff to supply a small army! I rather underestimated the amount of 'stuff' that had gathered and so on the day of the move, I was surprised that it wouldn`t all fit in the car. Even booting Kate out didn`t make enough space, so we had to have 2 runs! But despite that minor hiccup,everything went well. He`s settled in well and has some really nice flatmates. Our house is tidier and quieter, but Kate is trying her best to remedy that!
Kate has also started her Uni course, but is travelling daily, so far its gone well, but tomorrow is the first 'early' bus ride so we`ll have to see how that goes!
All these adventures have left time for crafting in very short supply, but I did manage to get to Knit n Natter at Bishop Auckland and Knitknots at Darlington in between Uni stuff! I love going to these groups, the atmosphere is brill and other members are so welcoming. I knew I couldn`t miss them or I`d have had withdrawal symptoms! My sock is getting longer with the toe in sight! I`ve also finished another scarf for the Teddy Bears Picnic event. Sorry no pics cos Tom has taken the camera to Uni!! I should really do some ironing next, but the sock is calling!!

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acrylik said...

Hope the sock is coming along OK - just shout if you need a hand!