Wednesday, September 13, 2006

University Challenge

My challenge is to try and get two kids ready for Uni next week and oh what a challenge it is. Wading thigh high in mud would be less taxing!
Tom, the eldest is moving to Newcastle and so needs the usual household bits, most of which I`m sure will merely gather dust in the back of a student kitchen cupboard!! Whether it will all fit in the car on Saturday is another story, but at least its only Newcastle if we need a second run and not his second choice Uni ,which was Swansea!!
Kate, our youngest is also going to Newcastle, but has decided to travel daily. We had a recce on Monday, firstly to find bus times, then find the Uni, then shop. When Kate read the bus timetable she was shocked to find that her bus left at 7.24 am. She didn`t know there were two seven o`clocks in a day! Needless to say, she`s hoping her lectures are not 9am starts!! The bus journey was long. Very long. It was like a guided tour of the North-East!! We eventually got there , shopped till we dropped, found the Uni and headed home! We both had a really lovely day but were exhausted.
Because of all the 'sorting stuff out for Uni' stuff, knitting has taken a back seat. It was only last Friday( when my back gave up the ghost ) that my needles got a chance to start clicking!! I got my Woolclip scarf finished and cracked on with my sock!! I couldn`t take a photo, as the camera batteries had died, so I thought I`d not do my blog until I had a photo. But eagle-eyed Acrylik spotted my updated percentage bar!!

I`m looking forward to Knit n Natter on Friday, I`ll be able to take a finished item at last!! And I`d better get cracking with my sock. I told another member Kath that I`d have at least 1 done before the next meeting. Ooops!!


craftydramaqueen said...

The scarf is gorgeous. Well done! Would it not be easier for Kate to get the train from Bishop(Durham?) to Ncle? I suppose it will be more expensive but less time consuming. Just a thought.

InkyArtitude said...

Well done Kat, the scarf is beautiful. I don't know how you find the time with all that you have going on at the mo! Do you ever sleep?

Enjoy Friday!

acrylik said...

The scarf is beautiful, looking forward to seeing it tomorrow!

Good luck with all the preparations!