Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Surprise, Surprise!!

It was a huge surprise, surprise that I got this morning, when I found out that my gorgeous, wonderful husband, had ordered me a loom earlier this week! Within the next couple of days, I will be the proud and rather shocked owner of an Ashford 60cm rigid heddle loom!! I`m so excited!! I can`t wait to get my hands on it.
Ian`s also ordered me a book on rigid heddle weaving, which I will definitely need. I`ve already spoken to Carrie-Anne, creator of the brilliant BritKnitCast, and requested tutorials!!
Ian`s definitely scored zillions of Brownie points with this surprise!!

Here are the promised photos. On the left is my very first sock, I`m quite proud of it too!

Next is a very poor picture of my Nuno felt which I made at last weekends workshop. The photo doesn`t do it justice, its actually fuschia pink and has a lovely ruched texture.

And so we come to the the last picture. No, its not an escaped pea from a Birds Eye commercial, but my felted Merino tops bead!!


craftydramaqueen said...

Wow. How lucky are you to have such a thoughtful hubby. I haven't even told mine that I've ordered mine yet. I'll just sneak it into a hiding place when he's not looking! We'll have to have a weave-in soon, after the felt-in of course!

acrylik said...

I'm so excited for you :D

I can say that having seen the felt in person it is stunning. You will have lots of new techniques to show me when we have a felt-in - definitely up for that - and of course a weave-in too!