Monday, October 02, 2006

Ba Ba Black Sheep!

Well its been a busy few days! Yesterday, I went to Masham sheep fair in the company of Carrie-Anne of Acrylik fame! There was so much more there than I expected. Of course there was lots of sheep, I loved the fat lamb category! There was a cross-section of craft stalls, tempting us before we even got near any wool! We were keen to get to the spinning and weaving demo`s as Carrie-Annes friend Silvia was demonstrating spinning. When I watch an experienced spinner, I always think it looks so relaxing, , unlike my attempts with a drop spindle, most ungainly with elbows akimbo!!
It was very thirsty work , all this watching, so we found a small cafe called Suncatchers. It served the most mouthwatering menu of cakes that I have seen. On our first visit(yes there was more than one!) we sampled the beautiful carrot cake and our second sampling involved some gorgeous lime and lemon drizzle cake! Mmmmm! I can definitely recommend Suncatchers!
The day was rounded off with a small flutter on the sheep race and a brilliant display of sheepdog handling. I came home with the latest Interweave Knits and some Wensleydale Longwool Aran in a bright fuschia pink, destined to become a felted bag. I also bought some merino tops for felting/spinning and a Miniweave 4" square loom. I even bought my hubby a t-shirt and a bottle of Black Sheep beer!! A wonderful day in all!
This morning saw the second Spennyknit. Still not too busy but hopefully numbers will pick up. Unfortunately, I had to have another cake! Yum yum!
So now I suppose I should really try and burn off all those calories and do some ironing, but then again the wool is shouting!
I wonder which one will win!!


craftydramaqueen said...

The wool will win, no question!! Don't give up with the little weaving thing. I'm sure you'll fathom it out eventually!

InkyArtitude said...

Glad you had a terrific day at the Sheep Fair. I must walk around with my eyes closed - the last time I visited Masham I found a great little place called Grandads Attic (if I remember correctly) or Grandfather's Attic, but it sounds as if it is just up from the cafe you found - I wonder how I missed such a wonderful cafe? I'm sure the smell of the cakes would have dragged me in its direction!!! Must have had buying on my mind.

How did you fare on the Sheep race?

Looking forward to seeing the results of your purchases - especially the bright fucia Aran....sounds sumptuous.

acrylik said...

It certaintly was a lovely day :) Can't wait to see the felted bag when it's finished.