Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A New Arrival

No, not that sort!! But then again you could say its my new baby!! Yes, my spinning wheel has finally come. Its been two weeks but the guy Ian bought it from has kept in touch to explain the reasons for the delay.

You`d never guess what it was would you!!

( unfortunately batteries in camera packed up after this photo so I can`t show off my new toys!!

As compensation he sent some extras, wow I couldn`t believe it as I unwrapped it.
He`d put in a lazy kate (even though I`ve already got one in human form!) with three bobbins, a pair of carders, a little flick carder, The Ashford book of Spinning, another spinning book and some leaflets on vegetable dying and spinning!! And to top it off, tucked in the parcel was two big bags of fleece!
I was totally overwhelmed, it was like Christmas! Now I just need to learn how to use them all!
Today really was like Christmas, as I also got two other parcels in the post.

First, I want to say a huge thank you to Andrea (craftydramaqueen), for her thoughtful gift and beautiful handcrafted card. I was quite teary when I opened it, it meant such a lot to think someone had gone to all that effort for me. So many, many thanks Andrea.

My final package were my Hong Kong bamboo knitting needles! I can`t believe how good they seem for the price. I`ll be able to get cracking with my Colinette hat now!!
So all in all its been a strange day, brill but strange. Ians just made me a cuppa, so I`m going to have a flick through a spinning book or two!!


Silvia said...

Oh crack open that parcel and charge the camera want to see all the goodies!!
You'll get the hang of it in no time.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh wow that is so great. You will have fun I know :) I love my wheel & I am addicted to my spinning ; just need more hours in the day. Look forward to seeing the piccies

acrylik said...

What a wonderful day! Looking forward to seeing your wheel in the flesh soon :D

craftydramaqueen said...

I'm so pleased your wheel has come. I'm glad you like my little parcel, that's what friends are for! 2mm DPNs are actually smaller than cocktail sticks!!(that's what I used for the card)See you soon xxx

InkyArtitude said...

Lucky YOU! I can't wait to see what's beneath all that wrapping. More pics please..........have fun! Diesel is moulting sooo much, I think I will have to put all of his soft under-down in a bag and you can spin it for me, it should be like Alpaca! Want a job Kat?