Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It`s Come!!!!

It`s come!! Woohoo! My wonderful hubby`s fantastic 'surprise' pressie of a loom has arrived. I can`t wait to get it put together and get weaving!!
As Carrie-Anne warned me, the loom should be waxed before assembly, so guess what I was doing last night (after a short visit to Homebase for some wax) ? I usually leave stuff that has to be put together to the aforementioned hubby, but he`s away in Birmingham until late tonight and I know I just can`t wait till then!!
Also in the package, was the book, The Ashford Book Of Rigid Heddle Weaving. I had a brief read ( after waxing, the loom that is and not my legs !) and it looks as though it`s going to be really useful.

Now where did he put that screwdriver?


InkyArtitude said...

'Lucky You'! Your loom has found a wonderful home where it will be cherished and used with love. The unexpected gift is always the most valued. I hope that it brings you great inspiration and many hours of happy creativity.

acrylik said...

Can't say it any better than Inky did!

craftydramaqueen said...

Can't wait to see your first woven creation!