Saturday, October 14, 2006

Full House!

Well we are back to a full house since Tom returned from uni for the weekend, with mucky washing in tow of course! I must admit, it is nice to have everyone back in the nest. Or maybe I should say stye, looking at the state of the place!! The knitting/weaving addiction is definitely taking hold!

It`s been an odd week. Earlier in the week I took leaflets to some local shops ( advertising our KnitnNatter Teddy Bears Picnic next week) and begged pleaded and cajoled for them to be displayed. Most agreed! Only one grumbled, mainly because he had been talked into putting a huge circus poster in the window. I pointed out that ours was for a good cause and he relented!!
On the knitting front, I finished my pink bag, and couldn`t wait to wash it! I hovered around the machine like an expectant father in a labour ward! I was really pleased with the result. The Longwool has felted beautifully, giving a lovely thick textured felt.

The pictures not wonderful!
As before the colour isn`t true, it`s bright fuschia pink, but you can get an idea of what it looks like.
I still need to line the bag, and I`m looking for some funky material whilst on my travels.

I`m still plugging away with sock number two. I`ve just about finished the instep shaping so hopefully it won`t be too long before its finished and I`ll have warm toes!!

Last time I was at Beckys stall in Darlington, I bought some Regia sock wool to knit some walking socks for my dear hubby. I`m looking forward to starting these as the yarn is 6ply, and I think they will knit up quite quickly.

I`ve decided to knit a hat from the Artyfacts book using Colinette Prism. I`ve chosen the muted shade called Castagne . I`ve tried to take a photo of the hank but it doesn`t look good I`m afraid!

After I ordered the wool and the pattern, I wondered if I had the right sized needles. Well would you believe it, I didn`t!! So to remedy this and to try and reduce the incidence of it happening again, I went on E-bay and ordered a set of the bamboo needles from Hong Kong. Andrea received hers a few weeks ago and they were brill! Now I`ve just got to try and be patient while I wait for them!

Have you listened to Carrie-Annes latest BritKnitCast? Its fab as usual, so do try to catch it if you can. I especially liked the sounds of the sheep race at Masham!!
I think its back to the socks!!


acrylik said...

The bag looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it in person :)

I've noticed a whole load of those circus posters around town, they must have been giving out free tickets or something ;)

Spooky!! I've just bid on some of those needles from Hong Kong this afternoon too :O

The Colinette looks lovely, I look forward to having a fondle of that ;)


Artis-Anne said...

The bag looks great and I love the colour of the Prism ; I too can vouch for those needles:) I have got in them in ALL shapes and sizes and they are holding up well. Thanks for comments on my blog re spinning; if its any consolation I couldn't get the hang of the drop spindle .

Silvia said...

The bag looks great as does the Prism looking forward to seeing it knitted up:)