Thursday, October 26, 2006

Warm Hands and Feet!

It doesn`t feel almost a week since my last blog. Where does all the time go? I know this last week has been different, in that Ians had a weeks holiday from work and I haven`t been too good in myself ( its bring out the straight- jacket time!)
On the knitting front, I`ve finally got a photo of my finished socks,even if it is a bit dodgy as I took it myself and cut most of my feet off!!

I`m really pleased with them and they couldn`t have been finished at a better time, bbrrrr! I`ve been cracking on with the Fetching gloves. I can`t believe how fast they knit up!! I`ve taken a photo at the thumbless stage on my first glove. The colour is actually a lovely soft pistachio green!

Ian and I had a lovely day out in Knaresborough on Tuesday. I couldn`t walk past Sheepish of course! They didn`t have the colour Noro Kureyon that I wanted, so I ended up just with the Twilleys Freedom spirit pattern book. After a good mooch about the town and a gorgeous lunch at the Lavender tea room, we headed towards Leyburn, to the Wensleydale Longwool shop to be precise!! I bought wool for another felted bag in a brown called natural black!! The lady in the shop was really helpful and so pleasant to talk to.
Good news on the home front. Kate, my dear daughter, has passed her driving test.
She was so much calmer than I thought she would be. It was me and Ian that were pacing the floor, waiting for her to return from the test centre. Mind, as soon as she got out of the instructors car we could tell she had passed. I don`t know what it was that gave it away. It could have been the ear to ear grin or perhaps it was the glass shattering scream as she ran down the drive!!

As my daughter has been complaining of bias on my blog ( i.e. her brothers had his photo on and she hasn`t!) in the interests of family unity, and because she did so well passing her test, I`m going to put her photo on!! Its blurry because its a photo of a photo, and not my usual dodgy camera work !


craftydramaqueen said...

Funny how you just happened to end up at Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Shop!!!! So pleased you finished the socks, I'm knitting Fetching too. Well Done Kate! Does this mean she'll be borrowing your car now? Cue more pacing...
I'm having knitting group withdrawal symptoms, can't wait for my next fix!

InkyArtitude said...

So sorry to hear that you've not been too good Kat - I missed you on Tuesday afternoon, but great to know that you've been gadding about. Has the spinning wheel made its grand entrance yet?
Congrats to Kate - tell her she must pop in to Graphicus and say Hi now that she's mobile.
The knitting is looking fab, you will be all ready for the cold weather:- 'bring it on'!

Silvia said...

Congratulations to your Daughter on passing her test. She sure is a beauty:)
Ah yes the Wensleydale Shop!!! Yet another beauty. I love the shop and the lady's in there are lovely just lovely

craftydramaqueen said...

Kate looks beautiful in the photo and so do your socks! I've told you, we'll have adjoining padded cells. I'll need one after next Sunday!!! :)

Rain said...

Congrats for your daughter - just think she'll be able to ferry you round now!

The socks look great and I love the colour of your Fetching.

Carrie Anne said...

Love the socks! And the Fetchings are coming along really well too.

Congratulations to Kate :D

Catch you soon x

Artis-Anne said...

Love the socks. Mmmmmmmmmm Wensleydale Longwool Sheep shop ; wish I lived nearer ,I have nearly spun all the fleece I bought there but haven't knitted the jumper yarn as yet . Congrats to your daughter re her driving test ; what a beautiful lady she is