Saturday, November 04, 2006

Promised Pics

Tom came home with his camera, so I`ve taken the opportunity to take some pics of my ( now unwrapped ) wheel!

The wheel needs waxing but I haven`t got round to getting any yet.

I`ve also taken a photo of the extras that were sent with the wheel. They are balanced on top of the fleece that I was sent. I don`t know if its usable, how old it is or anything. I feel at the bottom of a very steep learning curve!!

I`ve looked thro the Ashford book of spinning, but I would really like to go to a workshop, to learn the basics.

Yesterday was Darlingtons In Stitches knitting group at the art centre. It was really nice to see everyone, to see what everyones latest knitting project was, have coffee, cake and lots of laughs!! It really does lift my spirits.

After the group CarrieAnne and I had a mooch around Boyes and bought some bargains, though mine weren`t of the knitting variety!! I was looking for fabric to make a 'drool blanket'!!

Being the owners of a big, beautiful, black labrador brings many rewards. The downside is the drool. Remember that film Beethoven, with the drooly dog? Well Paddy has definitely modelled himself on Beethoven! And as Ian has just got another car, whose rear seat is drool-free, I am going to attempt to make a cover, just for where Paddy rests his head when he is in the boot. Alfie, not to be left out, contributes by putting his mucky little paws in the same area!!

While shopping, I bought some black fleece, thinking it would wash and dry quickly. So all I`ve got to do now is make a cover!!? Oh-oh!


acrylik said...

Good luck with making the cover!

All those spinning goodies are wonderful :)

Kath said...

That's a lovely looking wheel you've got there! I know what you mean about the steep learning curve! There is plenty of info on the net including video 'how to's but having someone to show you bits and pieces does help. The big tip with the fleeces is to make sure it's prepared well - just remember to try to get it well fluffed and puffed and full of air so it's easier to work with.
Sorry for the essay! Good luck!

Kath said...

I can't really talk can I being a learner too though!

Artis-Anne said...

Its 'wheels all round at the moment' LOL. Have fun and as Kath says its all in the prep and the draft; it helps to have someone to show you I think , at least it was for me . Shame we all don't live nearer and we could have a spin-in sesssion

Silvia said...

Amazing!! It realy is wheels all round. I must say in hindsight someone to show you the basics would be best but there are Videos on line.Your wheel is a beauty though and I just know you wil come to love it

InkyArtitude said...

What a great looking wheel Kat! I know what you mean about the dogs. We have only one but you'd never know it. The back of my car looks like its growing its own coat.... too late for a cover in my case, only a new car would make a difference now. Wouldn't swap him for the world though (dog that is - not the car)! Good luck with the sewing.

Piglottie said...

Your wheel looks wonderful. Good luck with the spinning, be ready for another addiction.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. You definitely should try lace, the shawl I'm making is so easy - you will love it!

craftydramaqueen said...

Your wheel is beautiful. I think you should pack her away for a while so you can concentrate on your blanket and loom and knitting/crochet projects. You will enjoy spinning all the more when you are ready to do it. Great to see you looking well today :)