Sunday, November 26, 2006

Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop

And I was!! I got back from the Knitting and Stitching show at Harrogate late on Friday night, after spending two days trawling the halls!
I didn't know what to expect as it was my first time there,but the sheer size of it was enough to get me excited!!
This is some of my purchases. I bought some Regia sock yarn, Alpaca DK which was reduced as a show special, and several shades of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran. From HipKnits I got some sari silk in gorgeous autumn shades and from a Swedish firm whose name escapes me, I bought 2 skeins of a hand spun handdyed aran weight yarn, which I'm hoping to knit a shawl with. I also got some yarn to try dyeing and from Jamiesons, I purchased some tops in a yummy chocolate colour.

I was a little disappointed in the yarn stalls. There were all too many selling cheap fuzzy yarn and not as many as I'd expected selling unusual stuff, I don't know if this was typical or not.
I also bought some fabric and a pattern for tote bags. I'm no
seamstress, so watch this space!

I finally found some Denise interchangeable circular needles and a pair of bamboo dpns. Also at the Taj Craft stall, where I bought my Denise needles, I found a book called Learn to Spin. It is really basic and goes through fleece preparation as well as the spinning itself, so it seemed ideal for me! I also got some beads to add to the collection waiting to be made into something! And to try and make me feel Christmassy, I got a felt christmas angel kit.

The four huge halls were mind boggling and I don't know how many times I got lost.

Highlights for me were the workshops and Rowan fashion show I attended. Kerrie Allman ran Knitted Flowers, which was very enjoyable, not just for the workshop, but also because I met Emma and what a lovely person she is, and she looks stunning too!!
In the first photo, you can see some small amounts of silk yarn right at the front. This was the yarn Kerrie gave us at the workshop.
My second workshop was Hooky Rugs which I found interesting as I like learning new craft skills. The Rowan workshop was brill too. Seeing the garments in the flesh gave a totally different perspective to the designs. Andrea joined me for the fashion show. It was lovely to see that she'd made it down and I really enjoyed looking around with both her and CarrieAnne.

While I was away, Silvia posted the yarn I had won and I couldn't wait to see it. I was not disappointed! It is absolutely gorgeous. I forgot to take a photo, but I will. The yarn is so soft with a beautiful texture and colour. I'm pleased to read also that Silvia is going to start selling her yarn. I would definitely recommend it, its gorgeous! So thank you Silvia and keep up the good work! I wish you loads of success with your yarn sales.


Silvia said...

WOW!! That is a great haul you have there. I love the Yarn and the Fabric looks delicious. Believ me when I say Tote Bags are easy even for someone with little sewing experience. Thank you also for your kind comment on my Yarn and I look forward to seeing what you create with it.
PS I wish i had gone now instead of going to York:(

Kendra said...

Oh my god! I'm practically drooling. You bought so many lovely things. I love the two skeins of orangey, red/brown wool on the left of the photo especially. Are they the hip knits ones?

InkyArtitude said...
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InkyArtitude said...

So pleased that you enjoyed the show Kat - you looked like the cat that had got the cream! and what a stash you managed to accumulate. I was really envious of you being able to 'trawl' all four halls at your own pace. Next year I will be able to do the same. Some show eh!! I didn't know which way to turn first. Looking forward to seeing some of those finished projects. Happy Crafting!!!

pathological_knitter said...

It was brilliant to meet you! and wow! you got a good haul!

artyfartykat said...

Kendra, the skeins you liked are the ones from the swedish company Ullcentrum, whose name I couldn't remember! They had some gorgeous varigated yarns and only £5 per skein for 100gm !

acrylik said...

Helloooo! Oooh, look at all that in one place - you bought loads of scrummy stuff!

It was lovely to see you last week and thank you for asking Glenda if I could come out to play, I had a great afternoon!

Remember I'm off all week, so feel free to come round for coffee anytime!

KnitYoga said...

What a lovely haul. All your purchases look wonderful and I'm particulary taken with the fabric. Looking forward to seeing the totes!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh whata lovely haul of yummys; sounds like you hada fab time . Let me know what you think of the Denise needles as I am thinking of getting some for when we are travellinh