Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stitch And Bitch

Last night I had a wonderful time at CarrieAnne's stitch and bitch!! We ate well, drank well, talked and laughed well and even fitted a bit of knitting in! Thanks CarrieAnne!

I took the socks in progress and the yarn for a felted bag I've wanted to knit for ages.
I almost finished the socks, but when I got to the toe decreases, I thought it wise to put them down and cast on for the bag!

I actually finished the sock this morning, so one down one to go!

For the bag, I'm using the Noro Kureyon shade 164 that Ian bought for my birthday.I love the colours, but it feels so rough, especially after using the Piece of Beauty sock yarn. It's like knitting with rope!

Speaking of birthdays, yet another book from DH came this week.

" At Knits End " has some humerous bits but 2 of my favourite bits were acronyms.
The first, I definitely have problems with;


Thats Wool Housing And Containment Overflow! The removable bath panel comes to mind!

But I have yet to achieve the second acronym;


This stands for Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy!! It explains that if you didn't buy another ball of yarn AND knit full time until the end of your time here on earth, you still wouldn't use all the yarn in your stash!! I wonder if anyone out there is at this stage already?

Stand forward and be counted, or at least post a pic of your stash!!


Sarah said...

The Piece of Beauty Sock is just that :o)

Sorry to hear of your bad week last week, hope this one is kinder.

Kat said...

You're very lucky receiving all these yummy birthday presents! I went to Yarn last week and got my hands on my first ball of Noro, and I too have to agree that yes, it does feel somewhat rough, and that put me off buying it!

Kath said...

Good to hear you've had a better time recently - that sock does looke lovely and can't wait to see your booga bag!
That 'Meditaions' book is just hilarious! I love the idea of yarn as house insulation! But then I am in an old draughty house!

acrylik said...

Well done on finishing the sock - it's looking good! Hope the booga bag is coming along well, I love the colours in your Noro.

Glad you enjoyed yourself on Saturday, we shall have to do those more often!

Curly Cable said...

Your piece of beauty sock looks fabulous, and I love the colours of your noro bag, can't wait to see it all finished

Kendra said...

The sock is lovely. The acronyms are very funny! Although the thought of having more yarn than you could knit in a lifetime is pretty scary!

Fibrespace said...

Can't wait to see the bag, the colour looks fantastic.

Silvia said...

The Sock looks great as do the colours of the soon to be Booga. I got the Book and it is sooooo funny. After Woolfest my aim in life will be to achive SABLE!!! By that time many of us will be in some dire need of overspendying/overbuying

TutleyMutley said...

I'm definitely whaco! Brilliant book, isn't it? Had me chuckling out loud.
Noro Kureyon just has to be worth it for the colours alone I reckon.
Your sock is loverly. Your S&B sounds great...

Rain said...

I don't think I'm SABLE - yet! I have seen some stashes that make me wonder.

The sock looks lovely.

Kath said...

Oh so glad you had a great time and your sock is brill
I agree I think Noro Kureyon is really rough & overpriced too for what it is, well that's just my opinion:)
I keep meaning to get that book as it does sound funny ; lovely that you had so many goodies for you BD , enjoy :)

Artylicious said...

SABLE - definitely, but my stash isn't wool it's paper! I'm seriously thinking of papering the walls of my house with it all ...

dreamcatcher said...

I love your sock and the beginnings of the bag in Noro. I agree that Kureyon can feel a bit rough but it will soften somewhat with washing (or felting in this case!). I think their pricing for that should be reduced, I know the colours are what sells it but the wool quality doesn't live up to expectations.

Love the acronyms, we are always finding creative ways to store yarn :-D I don't think it's anywhere near SABLE yet, at least I hope not!

Amanda said...

I have a feeling I may well be in a SABLE situation.. I've put a couple of pics on my blog if you fancy judging for yourself!