Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What A Week!

It's been a pretty s*%t week, and thats putting it politely!
First we had The Bed Drama.

To cut a VERY long story short, the new bed we'd got Tom wouldn't fit up the stairs ! That is, until Ian came out of the garage wielding a large hammer and saw! After some minor adjustments to the banisters, which included knocking out all the spindles and sawing through the newel post, the bed was finally installed!

Then was The MRI Scan-dal.

Picture the scene. Dear son, virtually bedridden with back pain visits GP who wants him to have an MRI scan. But because he's been ill at the end of the financial year (not recommended!) theres no money to allow him to be scanned until the middle of April. Result; one very angry mother and one hefty bill for private scan because we just couldn't watch him struggle any longer.

And the latest was on Monday; CarrieAnne and Kaths Unexpected Adventure!

We'd had a lovely morning at Spennyknit. Lots of knitting, coffee,cake and chat. So far so good. Then all five of us went en masse to a local shoe shop, where we tried on DM 's and generally drooled over shoes. Lovely morning. Then after saying our goodbyes we got into my car and headed home. And then BANG!

Part of my exhaust snapped and got trapped under the car. We pulled over and tried to pull the offending part off, but neither of us had eaten our Shredded Wheat and couldn't manage to remove it!
So I had to phone Mayday rescue and we waited. And waited. Thought about getting the knitting out. Waited some more. The guy eventually turned up, and after about 5 seconds, pulled off the broken bit! Job done!
The annoying thing was the number of cars that passed us but didn't stop, including 2 police cars! Poor CarrieAnne! I felt awful, offering her a lift, then the car falling apart around us!!
But the worst was yet to come. When the garage put the car on the ramps, they found that I needed 3 new tyres, so yet another huge bill!

I'm thinking about standing in the street with a begging tin! Or I suppose I could make more of the dreaded bags to sell ! NNOOOOOOO! End of moan!

Knitting has been brilliant at helping to reduce my stress levels. My Piece Of Beauty socks are coming along nicely. I'm hurtling down the foot at the moment.

Its beautiful to knit with, I'm really enjoying it, even though I'm just knitting the bog standard pattern. I would like to try Monkey after seeing CarrieAnne's, the pattern looks even more beautiful in the flesh!

I also got a belated birthday pressie from Ian. Sorry about bad pic. Theres some lovely

patterns for accessories in this book.
And speaking of books, Ian ordered Victorian Lace Today from Amazon last month, but they can't deliver until April! I've looked at loads of sites for it, but no luck. I wonder if this print run has been sold out and shops are waiting for more to be printed?
Could I ask a favour?
If anyone knows where I could get one, would you let me know as I'm desperate to get my hands on it, I've heard so much about it!


Craftydramaqueen said...

OMG! I can't let you two loose for 5 minutes, can I? Hope you have a better week this week. Go steady with the "exercises"!!!!

Kat said...

Oh no! You sound like you have had an awful wekk. I know how you feel about the NHS MRI scandal. I had similar probs when waiting for a simple tonsilectomy, and the whole finance thing. In the end they decided it would be in their best ineterests to let the mad woman (being me) into surgery 3 months early as having someone sat in A&E day and night in protest just didnt look good!

Rain said...

What a week. I hope your son gets a quick diagnosis. I waited 15 months for my MRI which was only one small part of the whole fiasco.

The socks look lovely so far

Kath said...

Oh poor you! What a week you've had - they say these things come in threes so hopefully that will be all now! That sock yarn looks yummy and such lovely calm colours - no wonder you've been calmed down by knitting them!
I suppose you've tried '' already?

Artis-Anne said...

Oh No :( I am so sorry to hear that you have had such an awful week . Fingers x that all will be well from now on. Now if I lived nearer you could borrow my VLT .Have you checked The Book Depository ? I have just looked there and it says thy have some with 2/3 days delivery QUICK go there :)

Artis-Anne said...

LOL Kath & I , posting at the same time Spoooky

Kendra said...

Oh no! Poor you. That sounds like a very unlucky week. I hope things start to improve. I hope that you manage to track down VLT because it's such a lovely book.

Auntie Noo said...

How rotten for you, I just hope that that's a whole lotta bad luck rolled into one week and you won't have any more for AGES!!!

Seahorse said...

What a rotten time. That's particularly appalling about your son. I'm glad you're finding some solace in your knitting though.

artyfartykat said...

Thanks to Kath and ArtisAnne ( who posted at the same time!) I've ordered the VLT from the Book Depository! Yippee!

Kath said...

Well we were both on the phone reading the same blogs as each other at the same time! LOL! Glad you got VLT - now you can join us in the KAL! We're both doing Melon (I say 'we' but I haven't cast on yet at all!!)

acrylik said...

Look forward to home brewed cappuchinos tomorrow and a good chat :D But let's just hope the bad luck doesn't extend to my new hair colour tomorrow LOL!!

Silvia said... have it @ £16 right now. Oh man it never rains but pours. Your poor boy having to go through that just because the NHS can't manage their money propperly GRRRRRRRR

Artis-Anne said...

So glad you got it :) I was hoping you would read your blog in time

nanatoo said...

I'm so sorry for your poor son and have the same problem waiting for a scan on my tummy. June if I'm lucky??
The bed and the car - oh no! Glad you have the book now and the socks are lovely.

dreamcatcher said...

What a week, sorry your son is having so much trouble with his back, and curse those end of year budget problems! As for cars, they are an essential money pit! Glad that knitting has helped alleviate some of the stress, and also glad you tracked down VLT - I got mine from but it's about a 3 week delay while it gets shipped.

RoxyKnits said...

Sorry to hear your having such a rough time. Glad your knitting is helping though and your sock looks lovely;)

I have the Emma King book too and really like it. I'm really impressed that you have managed to restrain yourself and not yet cast on your lovely STR yet!

TutleyMutley said...

I was waiting for a gynae op: when the date came - it was inconvenient for ME! they don't like that! beggars. Hope your son has been diagnosed and sorted.
AND why is it whenever the garage looks at the exhaust they spot bald tyres?????
Hope your life has got better with the weather!