Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is It Christmas?

The postman knocked this morning. I opened the door and he said,

'There's a few parcels for you today!'
Then he added,

'In fact all the parcels I've got today are for you.'

So he gives me 4 parcels. My heart starts pounding, I feel like a kid at Christmas!
All these are for me?

Parcel number one: My belated Easter pressie from Ian, my longed for swift, woohoo!! Thank you darlin', much better than a choccy egg!!

Parcel number two: Noro Kureyon destined to be a Booga bag for my sister in law. Lovely colours!

Oops forgot to rotate photo!

Parcel number three: Not for me :( , a book Ian ordered on CBT for work stuff. Boring!

and then Parcel number four. The cutest little sheep finger puppet from Craftydramaqueen! Thank you Andrea for this gorgeous pressie. It was a lovely surprise and is sooo adorable!

Have you seen his little heart feet, aawwww! It really cheered me up to get his little woolyness!
And as if I haven't been lucky enough to get all these lovely pressies, we are off to the Lakes for a long weekend.
I better get back to caravan packing! We always take far too much, I'll be ready for a break by the time we get sorted!


Helen said...

*not jealous at all* *not jealous at all*

Lucky you with your fantastic pressies (how cute is the little sheepy!) and long weekend away. HAve a great time :)

InkyArtitude said...

What a lovely suprise..... the nicest type - pressies! I just love the little 'wooly jumper', he is adorable. Lovley colour yarn too. Aren't pressies that last that much better than a chocolate egg? Ian is so considerate! Have a lovely weekend together Kat, I'm sure Paddy and Alfie are already sitting with their little cases packed.

dreamcatcher said...

Definitely a Good Parcel Day :-) A swift is much more useful for winding yarn than a chocolate egg ever could be too :-) I love the colours of the Kureyon and as for the sheep, waaaay cute!

Artis-Anne said...

A swift ? drool,drool & the cutest little sheep , great Kureyon colour all ,lovely goodies, enjoy.
Hope you a great time away; I aso understand packing your caravan to go away!!! I alwyas end up taking too much and totally shattered by the time we leave but soon chill out once we are off as I'm sure you will:)

Curly Cable said...

What lovely parcels you received and all on one day too! I love the colour of your Noro yarn, and the little sheep is too cute for words. Enjoy your long weekend at the lakes!

Seahorse said...

Great parcel day! There's something really special about getting things in the post:)

Have a great weekend away!

Kat said...

Wow! All those fantastic gifts! You lucky thing!

acrylik said...

Hope you had a great weekend! Oooooh, a swift!!! You realise you're going to make a fortune hiring it out to us all, don't you? Hehe ;) Fantastic post day :D xx

Kendra said...

Wow! Lucky you the swift looks brilliant. I bet it saves a lot of time and mess.

Piglottie said...

Wonderful presents! I love my swift and don't know how I managed without one now. The little sheep is soooo cute. And don't you love it when spring is in the air and the caravanning (or camping in our case) season is afoot (although I have heard some people camp all through the winter ;) - have a fund time away.

KnitYoga said...

What lovely parcels - I especially love the sheep - so cute!! Hope you enjoy your break!

Sarah said...

So nice to have exciting post, bet you have wound up loads of yarn with that beautiful swift.