Monday, July 23, 2007

Potty Thomas!

Otherwise known as Pomatomus, the beautiful sock pattern that has swept through blogland! I think I'm one of the few that hasn't yet knitted it, but I'm in the process of ticking it off my list.
I had a few false starts. I've some Jitterbug yarn that's been in the stash a while and I thought would work well. I cast on but then read on Ravelry that this yarn is low on the meterage. So decided to try the STR yarn in Cracked Canyon. I was unsure about using this, as I wasn't sure if the pattern would show, but as I didn't have any other sock yarn decided to give it a go. NOPE! Pattern didn't show at all so frogged AGAIN! I was getting desperate now, I wanted to get started! I thought about using some undyed BFL sock yarn from Woolfest and dyeing it after knitting, but Becky came to my rescue and I bought some Trekking XXL from her in bluey shades and hey presto, I was finally away!!

I must admit it's an addictive pattern and difficult to put down without thinking 'just one more row'! But I'm really enjoying it.

Another addiction is Ravelry! I finally got my invite the week before last and I'm hooked! Having somewhere to document projects, yarns, needles etc and also able to look at others projects, patterns etc is brilliant. I know theres along waiting list, it took me about 6 weeks to get on, but its definitely worth it

I'm also crocheting the Nereus scarf from Natural Dye Studio. I love the pattern but I'm not keen on the yarn colour and the way it's 'distributed' in the scarf, for want of a better word! I loved the colours in the skein too and the yarn itself is beautiful, so soft and snuggly!

I've been really slow to post about my prize that I won on Kath's blog. When I met Kath at Woolfest, she gave me my prize, which came with a knitting challenge. No problem you may think till you see the prize!

Thanks Kath!! I tried to knit with them........ I really tried...honest, but chocolate......and me......yummy!!

The 'needles' kept breaking, so I just HAD to eat them.....or they melted so I had to eat them, there's a pattern emerging here!! I got chocolatey fingers, sugary knees and a full tummy!! Brill idea Kath, it was good fun. I'll get you back!

Last Monday, I had a gathering of knitting friends! Carrie Anne, Becky, Bev and Andrea all came to mine and we had a lovely knitty day, punctuated only by food and drink!! I just wanted to say 'Thank you!' to you all and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Well I think I might just go and squeeze in a row on Potty Thomas, before I get the hoover out!!



Piglottie said...

Oooh, your Potamus look lovely - great colour choice. I want to knit this but like you am struggling as to which yarn to use.

acrylik said...

Wow, your Pomatomus is looking fantastic! I've switched to XXL too after that bamboo yarn didn't work out. Becky's a star! Lovely to see you last week, will have to get another get together organised soon!

Claire said...

I love your Potty Thomas - they're on my to do list, so you're not the last :)
And as for Ravelry, I'm now sadly addicted to looking at how many people are in line ahead of me... 3597 at the moment - can't wait to come and play...
Like the edible needles, too - you have more willpower than me - I'm a chocolate eating machine!

Curly Cable said...

Your Potty Thomas is looking super, lovely pattern and colour too. Matchmakers Yum-Yum, Funny how chocolate and knitting go so well together, need a lot willpower to resist both!

Artis-Anne said...

Thats one I have pn my to do list to Kath. Yours looks stunning and a great colour. Wish I could have been with you all at your knit-in :)
I was 750 away on Ravelry last time I looked so hopefully not too long now. BUT will I get the time to play with it as I read everyone says its addictive :)
LOL 10 out of 10 for EVEN trying top knit that up !!

Artis-Anne said...

Errrr my typos are bad this morning !! I meant:its on my to do list Kath :)

Sarah said...

Ooh the potty's look lovely and I'm another with them on the to do list.

Your knitty day sounds great :)

Kath said...

I always thought they were 'potamus' as in hippo! And they are looking great and I haven't done those yet either! Glad you enjoyed the challenge Kath - I don't think I could have resisted eating the needles either but well done for managing to cast on at least!
Sounds like you had a fun time with the girls as well!

Mrs J said...

You are so right about Ravelry! What a wonderful place to spend hours in? I looked at the Pomatomus socks there earlier today & passed over them but your socks made me think!!!!! Somewhere in the Anyonomous Sock Knitters Knitalong they may appear. What do you think?

Rain said...

Your socks look fab so far and I love that scarf, it's so airy and delicate.

I finally got into Ravely too (Rainie)and love it.