Sunday, July 29, 2007

Need Some Oomphh!

Has anybody got any oomphh? I need some desperately!! Or a kick up the backside, one or the other! I don't know whats wrong with me, I just feel bleurgh..!

I've done a bit more on the Potty Thomas sock, just working my way round the heel, but I seem to have just lost interest in it. I wouldn't care but I love the pattern, so hopefully I'll get back on to it soon.

I've almost finished the Nereus scarf, just need to cast off or crochet off or something! But I can't find the pattern with the instructions, so that's waiting patiently to be completed.

I've done a little spinning. This was some Wensleydale we dyed using natural dyes at the spinning group the week before last, using Logwood chips. I was amazed at the colour of the dye as it bore no resemblence to the colour of the chips. It turned out a rich, deep purple, which I've spun quite thin as usual. It just feels so chunky when I try to spin thicker, but I need to conquer it!
Sorry for the blurry pic!

Wednesday was definitely the highlight of the week! I did a fantastic workshop using Ten Second Studio stuff at Graphicus, a craft company in Barnard Castle.
We learnt how to mould and decorate thin sheets of metal under the guidance and tuition of the fabulous Lynn. Lynn is one of the best demonstrators and tutors I have ever seen, and it was a privilege to take part in one of her workshops. So much was crammed into the workshop,we learnt loads of techniques and completed several projects. I was really pleased with the results and I'm definitely going to try this craft again. This is one of my projects, a manly (said in a deep voice!)notebook!

I spent a lovely evening yesterday, in the company of Ian, Tom, Paddy and Alfie at the seaside! We went to Seaton Carew, our local bit of coast, for a walk on the beach and some fish and chips! A trip to the coast wouldn't be the same without fish and chips! And we weren't disappointed! It was a lovely sunny evening and Paddy and Alfie had a fab time, with Paddy charging through the waves to retrieve sticks and Alfie getting his ankles wet as he watched!
There's something quite magical about the sea,it really lifts the spirits. I love listening to waves crashing onto the shore. In fact I get that feeling near any expanse of water, I think that's why I love the Lakes and North Wales so much. It was a lovely evening, shame Kate didn't want to go but I can't have everything now, can I!

Ian's got a couple of days off, tomorrow and Tuesday. He's hoping to repaint the front door, but I'm not sure if the weather will allow it! The garden's also crying out for some TLC. But after seeing what many folks are going through due to the terrible floods, I'm just grateful I've got a front door and garden. My heart goes out to them.


ambermoggie said...

Wow you have been busy and I love the manly book:) I think the lack of oomphh is partly the time of year isn't it and the fact we have had such a wet month. Hopefully after Lammas 12st August you will feel your energies lift. I find that as we head through August and past my birthday the fact that I can smell autumn and cooler colourful days always helps.
I love being near the beach, that seems to take some of the lowness away and after all each day on the beach looks different. Maybe a trip to our beach? Always glad of like minded visitors

Artis-Anne said...

well you seem to more ommph than me ; look at all your lovely goodies :)although I agree with Amber I think its the weather .
I haven't the energy to update my blog today :( even if the sun is shining !!
I love the colour that the logwood made , in fact its the same as the yarn I bought from Shilasdair
I know what you mean about trying to spin thicker , I have to really concentrate to syop going thin again
I LOVE your notebook , that is so impressive and the course sounded fantastic

Sarah said...

Seems like you're getting a lot done for an oomphless person!

The yarn you dyed and spun looks amazing.

Am envious of your beach trip - wish Oxford had coast anywhere near by. I often feel like Kendra - dreaming of the sea.

KnitYoga said...

Don't worry - the bleugh will pass. I love that notebook cover - that sounds as if it was a very interesting workshop! Glad you enjoyed your time by the sea.

Piglottie said...

Your Potamus is looking beautiful. The colour is perfect. And your notebook is amazing, absolutely stunning.

Kath said...

Potty thomas is looking good and I love the colour of the hand dyed - I feel the need for log wood now!! Wish I knew how Llamas help give you ommph - must ask Moggie!
Love the Manly book as well - very crafty!

Craftydramaqueen said...

keep going with tommy-socks it's fab! You've been very busy creating fab things. I'd never thought of knitting with matchmakers...what next? Licorice sticks, spaghetti...? xx

Queen of the froggers said...

Your socks look lovely, I am sure you will get back to them at some time. The book is great. What a fab workshop to go to!

RoxyKnits said...

No oomph from me I'm afraid, I have enough trouble on my own with all the frogging I've done lately.......

Yup, chips by the sea are just magical. We're so lucky being only 10 mins in the car away, though the sea is usually too far out to hear the crashing waves! But there are plenty of seagulls to make it feel all seasidey ;)

Seahorse said...

Wow, some lovely stuff here! Not too shabby for someone with no 'oomph'! Hope your mojo is working again very soon.

Badger said...

The pomtiddlyompom socks look great, and I agree that you're doing an awful lot for someone with no oomph!

InkyArtitude said...

Kat - your work is lovely, as always. If that's what running out of umph produces then.... 'bring it on'.
Thank you for your very kind and very ellevated comments about the turor and Ten Second Studio workshop. I didn't recognise myself. But I have to agree with you about the end products - WOW! Everyone produced the most fab little books and I for one, really enjoyed the day. Thank you to all for making it such fun.
I am so pleased you had a great visit to the seaside, wish I could have seen the 'boys' enjoying the water. Hope everything goes well tomorrow - thinking of you!

Rain said...

Your notebook is gorgeous.

Hope the oomph comes back enough to finish those socks, it looks gorgeous in that yarn.