Sunday, August 05, 2007

In Stitches!

Literally.....but more on that later!

Following a visit to my GP, I now know that my lack of oomph has a physical cause, my ever low iron levels having reached a record low! I feel much better knowing that there is a reason for it and am now throwing iron tablets into the system as fast as possible!

I'm not a 'cooky' type of person(kookie...possibly!), but I managed to bake some Bara brith and banana bread this week! It was such a momentous and rare occasion, I took a pic of the Bara brith!

I've also managed this week to start washing the fleeces I bought at Woolfest. I thought I'd tackle the smallest first, so the BFL and the Shetland hit the bucket!

This is the Shetland, srewn over 3 chairs on the patio! It was only half a fleece but it seemed HUGE! The BFL was only small in comparison, but much dirtier. It took bucket after bucket of water before it was anywhere near being clean. I also washed the Gotland too, though this was a
much more manageable affair as I only bought a few hundred grams.
BFL and Gotland drying on the table!

While the various fleeces were soaking, I gave the handspun yarns (with many thanks to Norman!) a wash, so when I get round to dyeing them they'll be ready to go.

On the line also is a mini skein of the Wensleydale that we dyed at the spinning group, using the logwood chips with alum mordant. I love the colour, even though it's not that visible on the pic.

By the time I'd finished all the rinsing, my hands were like an old washer womans!! It made me think about my maternal grandmother who would often talk about Mondays being THE washing day in the house, with all the clothes washed by hand. I can still remember the old mangle in her backyard, even trying to turn that was exhausting, let alone all the other bleaching and scrubbing that she did. It made me feel quite pampered with my washing machine and tumble dryer, let alone all those fabrics that dry faster and iron easier. And more appreciative.

I wanted to get the fleeces done because on Friday, I had to have a biopsy taken from this growth thingy on my thumb. Using some very blunt (ouch!) instruments, they managed to remove a piece and after a couple of stitches, wrapped up my finger. Using a small plaster? No........a huge, cartoon type looking bandage that Tom or Jerry would be proud of!! (slight exaggeration!) It's only been on 2 days and it's filthy already! What is it going to look like after 10 days!? I can't do a darned thing either! I didn't realise just how much I used my thumb, until I couldn't!! So the black cloud is, I can't knit or spin, but the silver lining is, I can't do housework either, so its quite evenly balanced!!

I was going to post some pics of flowers in my garden, but the first one I uploaded, I made a boo-boo!
Can you spot the deliberate mistake? Ooops! I've spent too much time with Becky, her photo uploading style is beginning to rub off! ;)

The insects were out in force and I couldn't resist taking some pics of them.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, they really do mean alot and cheered me up loads.


InkyArtitude said...

I am so pleased that you found the cause of your missing umph! but that thumb looks mighty sore. Do make the most of your 10 day repreive from housework, there's still so much you can do..... I have pleanty of 'arty' mags if you want some inspirational reading. The fleece look fantastic and Norman's in prestine condition. That reminds me, I have to bath the dog this weekend... maybe I'll take him to the therapy pool and kill two birds with one stone.
Take care Kat. Can you drive? If you get bored in the week you know where we are and the kettle is always on!

Artis-Anne said...

Ohh you wait until that iron kicks in you will be like Popeye !!:) Remember him ? I get low on iron at times and boy it wipes you out as does fleece washing:( I have done another one today (Lleyn)and it could still do with another wash , dirty little Welsh lamb!! I do remember the days before washing machines and my Mum getting a top loader with a mangle;what a great day that was, but it was still hard work getting it out of the machine and through the mangle.
Sorry about the thumb and no knitting etc but sit back get a box of chocies ,dictate a list of chores and delegate :)Oh and the Bara Brith looks yummy too; must be something in the air as I did a bit of baking yesterday too
The spun yarn looks great on the line as does all the fleece

ambermoggie said...

Hi Kat, glad you know what is causing the yuckness. Plenty of red meat, green veg and beetroot will help:)
Hope the thumb heals soon for you, after all you have all the fleece to spin:) Just sorting out a wheel for me to have a go, ended up from not having any to having 2 plus a loan one if I need it:) Think that someone is telling me something? Selling the ashford keeping the other

Curly Cable said...

Glad to hear you've found the problem that was causing your loss of umph! Hope the Iron tablets are now kicking in. Your thumb sounds really painful and must be really frustrating not to be able to knit! I'm sure though I read somewhere Chocolate contains the mineral 'Iron', So sit back with your feet up and enjoy (medicinal purposes of course) and watch someone else do the housework ;-) Your Bara Brith looks yummy! and I love your pictures of the fleece and spun yarn! Take Care of yourself and I hope you are better really soon!

Queen of the froggers said...

Gosh, all those fleeces! You have a lot to do. I hope the iron kicks in soon and you have the energy to do all that spinning :)

Piglottie said...

Glad to hear that you have discovered why your oooomph has gone. I do hope that the thumb heals well, but you have my complete sympathy at not being able to do anything.

All your fleece activity looks tres exciting so I shall watch with interest. And you've just given me the solution as to what to do with some over ripe bananas I have :)

Sarah said...

Hope you're having a good relax and that the iron is starting to kick in. Hoping that the biopsy results on your thumb are good.

Rain said...

I was feeling sorry for you until I read the bit about the housework.

No really, hope your thumb is ok and that your oomph comes back with bells on.

Kendra said...

Poor thumb! I hope it recovers soon.

The cakes look amazing by the way!

Helen said...

Hope you are feeling better soon :)

The fleece looks like hard work!

Craftydramaqueen said...

Poor thumb! You MUST eat chocolate! Enjoy the rest from housework and washing. You need a funky knitted thumb glove to keep your plaster clean!

Seahorse said...

The bara brith looks gorgeous.

Glad it's positive news on the health front, even if it may take a while longer to be back up to speed.

Lovely pics in this post!

Kath said...

Definately eat chocolate for the iron - dark is best and I think you are supposed to eat it with orange juice to help your system absorb the iron (may have made this up but give it a whirl!!) Hope you're better soon - poor you! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery! Meant to warn you about the BFL - mine was a stinker but gave him a wash with lavender oil in the last rinse and now is lovely!!

ferg said...

Well I Never! as my mother says often, and all her children say frequently when they want to take her off. Such a simple sounding fix-it. Are you a Doctor-Avoider or just a Self-Blamer!!!
It's not necessary to answer that...we all think we know what the right answer is.
Cheers Gillian.
ps Thanks for your comments on my blog. The "young thing" at the estate agent's suggested thast I look upon it as an adventure!!!!!
I am trying to.

Artis-Anne said...

Thanks for you lovely post on my blog :) and re your question about making the peg loom you can get info from Wooly Wormheads site on how to make them ( plus other's on the web )but Tony has done mine with double rows so that I can (in theory) make thiner weaving !! We'll see as I am hoping to get rid of bits and bobs of yarns from my stash that I will never use and if I don't like it then the dogs will have it as a blankie !!

Mrs J said...

Dried apricots call to me when my iron is low, dark chocolate is 'officially' good for women & my sister in law (degree in Nutrition) says don't drink tea with a meal -stops iron been absorbed I think?!!! Hope you are coping with the thumb thing. I am not sure how much I use my thumb in housework but it sounds a line worth sticking to! At least you can still click a mouse button!

Artis-Anne said...

I have given you an award, check out my blog !!

RoxyKnits said...

Glad you've found out the cause of missing umph! Hopefully you'll be back to normal really quickly.

At least you got off lighter than I did - 6 very painful long needled injections and now hospital monitoring......reminds me, must remember to take my tablets ;)

Littlelou said...

Oh my god those cakes look scrummy!!!