Saturday, August 15, 2009

Out Of Quarantine!

I'm now officially swine flu free and to celebrate the fact, we took off on a last minute camping trip to Ullswater! Yes I did say camping, not the luxury of the caravan or even a tent that you could sit up in but a tent about the size of a coffin! It was supposedly a 2 man size tent but I'm thinking of sueing them under the Trade Descriptions Act!! It was very cosy, cramped, snug and any other euphamisms for too bloody little!! We were like sardines in a tin but with not as much space! But it was so funny! My highlight of the trip was lying in the tent, watching Ian as he tried to take his shoes off and get in without a) kicking me b) rupturing a disc c) putting his head through the tent or d) waking the campsite with loudly expressed expletives!! It took me 10 minutes to stop crying with laughter. Luckily the weather was glorious and while Ian and the dogs went walking, I sat and knitted!
Late evening on Ullswater

I'm still on with the Forest Canopy shawl that I'm knitting using my handspun merino/silk yarn. I'm pleased with it so far but the yarn is more 'rustic' than I would have liked!! I'll hopefully get it finished while we are in Cornwall, which is very soon, this Friday in fact. We are going in the caravan( luxury!) for two weeks, staying near Perranporth , so fingers crossed for good weather!

I'm off now to start the mammoth list writing that precedes any of our holidays! I'll leave you with a pic of Ian, Paddy and Alfie after their Helvellyn expedition last weekend! Maybe the tent should be recategorised, 1 man, 2 dog size!!


acrylik said...

OMG, that tent looks tiny! Sounds like you all had a fun time away though ;) They do all look spent after their hike!

Have a fantastic time in Cornwall xxx

Sarah said...

Glad you're better and enjoy Cornmwall :)

Silvia said...

Glad your better....the tent sounds sooooo small but it sounds as thought you had a fun time using it. I do hope the caravan is bigger but just as much fun

Kath said...

Good to hear you're feeling better - was lovely to catch up with you again at WoolFest, will have to try and arrange a knit camp get together sometime (or maybe WonderWoolWales?!!)
Methinks you were sold a 2 leprechaun tent!! Still at least you had fun :)

Daisy said...

Tent sizes always seem ridiculously optimistic! Glad you're feeling better and it sounds like a great trip!