Monday, October 05, 2009

Wooly stuff

Warning; This post was written ages ago and has been slumbering in the draft box, waiting for the photos to be uploaded, so beware, there will be another post coming soon!!
I've finally taken some photos of my Forest Canopy shawl, that I finished early September. It was a really easy pattern but as the number of stitches increased, knitting even one row became a bit of a marathon! I was keen to finish it as I used my own handspun merino and silk yarn in a bright, zingy, orangey, tomatoey colour, and so for me it was finished pretty quickly!!

I'm quite pleased with the result and I do feel a sense of achievement making something from a bag of fluff. But I must spin more evenly! When knitting the shawl, the wool thickness varied from lace weight to super chunky in the space of 10 stitches, so I need some practice!!

I also was at In Stitches, Beckys knitting cafe, on Friday, where Carrie kindly guided me through a crochet pattern, with much (needed) patience may I add, thanks Carrie!! And when the knitting cafe finished, Becky,Bev,Carrie and I found a local cafe for a coffee, bacon sarnie and, as you can imagine, just a little talking!! All in all, a lovely day!

And I must post this picture of Alfie, who managed to climb to the highest point in the dog basket, that is on top of Paddy, to lie in the sunshine!


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

love the shawl and isn't it great when you have spun the yarn yourself?

Daisy said...

The shawl looks fantastic - what a great achievement!

acrylik said...

Beautiful shawl, I am lucky enough to have fondled it in person ;) Love the picture of Alfie and Paddy :) See you soon! x

Silvia said...

That is a beautiful shawl. And the archivement feeling you get from spinning the Yarn you used to make it is second to non...IMHO

Mrs J said...

Fantastic shawl! Forest canopy is a super pattern( I have done two!). I now have a spinning wheel (she is on long term loan), just need to learn how to use her! Your yarn is an inspiration though.