Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Surprise, Surprise!!

It was a huge surprise, surprise that I got this morning, when I found out that my gorgeous, wonderful husband, had ordered me a loom earlier this week! Within the next couple of days, I will be the proud and rather shocked owner of an Ashford 60cm rigid heddle loom!! I`m so excited!! I can`t wait to get my hands on it.
Ian`s also ordered me a book on rigid heddle weaving, which I will definitely need. I`ve already spoken to Carrie-Anne, creator of the brilliant BritKnitCast, and requested tutorials!!
Ian`s definitely scored zillions of Brownie points with this surprise!!

Here are the promised photos. On the left is my very first sock, I`m quite proud of it too!

Next is a very poor picture of my Nuno felt which I made at last weekends workshop. The photo doesn`t do it justice, its actually fuschia pink and has a lovely ruched texture.

And so we come to the the last picture. No, its not an escaped pea from a Birds Eye commercial, but my felted Merino tops bead!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Felting Workshop

Yesterday, Craftydramaqueen and I went to a wonderful felting workshop held by Durham Guild in Durham City. I was unsure of what to expect, but I shouldn`t have worried. What a lovely group of people! They were so friendly and all the members made us feel so welcome.
We started by making a simple flat piece of felt, and as the day progressed, we moved onto Nuno felting. This incorporates materials into the felt and as the wool shrinks, causes the material to 'ruche',leaving a wonderful texture to the felt. We also sampled felt bead making, and three dimensional felting, making bags with plastic templates.Photos soon !It was a really packed day!
I particularly enjoyed looking at some felt items which the members brought in. These ranged from hats,bags,containers and jewellery to slippers, waistcoats and even a teapot!! The quality of these items was fantastic. It was a real pleasure talking to all who attended, the Guild members were so experienced and gave us loads of hints and tips to help our felting. Can you tell I enjoyed it!?!:). They are going to let us know about next years programme of events, and I`m sure we`ll be back!!

My son had an unexpected return home on Friday. My husband was called to Newcastle General hospital to collect one concussed son, in full rugby regalia! He had to be observed for 24 hours and persuaded the doctor to let him come home as 'both parents are nurses'!! So home he came and returned to his flat the following day, laden with MORE food and a large box of beer! Just the essentials eh!
I`m having a lazy day today. I ache in places I didn`t know I had! The felt workshop should be renamed a felt workout!! Goodbye bingo wings after all that rolling! I think one of the Guild had the right idea. She used an electric sander in a plastic bag to 'roll' the felt. Noisy but very effective and much less wear and tear on the old body!!
I`ve started to write a list of things I need to make felt. Its an odd looking thing , as it includes items such as an Ikea bamboo blind and a broomshank!! The things us crafters need!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And Then There Were Three!

Well, the first of our chicks has fledged! Tom finally moved to Newcastle after weeks of preparation, with enough stuff to supply a small army! I rather underestimated the amount of 'stuff' that had gathered and so on the day of the move, I was surprised that it wouldn`t all fit in the car. Even booting Kate out didn`t make enough space, so we had to have 2 runs! But despite that minor hiccup,everything went well. He`s settled in well and has some really nice flatmates. Our house is tidier and quieter, but Kate is trying her best to remedy that!
Kate has also started her Uni course, but is travelling daily, so far its gone well, but tomorrow is the first 'early' bus ride so we`ll have to see how that goes!
All these adventures have left time for crafting in very short supply, but I did manage to get to Knit n Natter at Bishop Auckland and Knitknots at Darlington in between Uni stuff! I love going to these groups, the atmosphere is brill and other members are so welcoming. I knew I couldn`t miss them or I`d have had withdrawal symptoms! My sock is getting longer with the toe in sight! I`ve also finished another scarf for the Teddy Bears Picnic event. Sorry no pics cos Tom has taken the camera to Uni!! I should really do some ironing next, but the sock is calling!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

University Challenge

My challenge is to try and get two kids ready for Uni next week and oh what a challenge it is. Wading thigh high in mud would be less taxing!
Tom, the eldest is moving to Newcastle and so needs the usual household bits, most of which I`m sure will merely gather dust in the back of a student kitchen cupboard!! Whether it will all fit in the car on Saturday is another story, but at least its only Newcastle if we need a second run and not his second choice Uni ,which was Swansea!!
Kate, our youngest is also going to Newcastle, but has decided to travel daily. We had a recce on Monday, firstly to find bus times, then find the Uni, then shop. When Kate read the bus timetable she was shocked to find that her bus left at 7.24 am. She didn`t know there were two seven o`clocks in a day! Needless to say, she`s hoping her lectures are not 9am starts!! The bus journey was long. Very long. It was like a guided tour of the North-East!! We eventually got there , shopped till we dropped, found the Uni and headed home! We both had a really lovely day but were exhausted.
Because of all the 'sorting stuff out for Uni' stuff, knitting has taken a back seat. It was only last Friday( when my back gave up the ghost ) that my needles got a chance to start clicking!! I got my Woolclip scarf finished and cracked on with my sock!! I couldn`t take a photo, as the camera batteries had died, so I thought I`d not do my blog until I had a photo. But eagle-eyed Acrylik spotted my updated percentage bar!!

I`m looking forward to Knit n Natter on Friday, I`ll be able to take a finished item at last!! And I`d better get cracking with my sock. I told another member Kath that I`d have at least 1 done before the next meeting. Ooops!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Up and running again!

Well I`m finally back online, following a series of hiccups with our wireless connection. Me and technology just shouldn`t mix! ( When I say technology, I mean anything from a tin opener!!) Last weekend, Ian and I had a lovely lazy long weekend in the Lake District. I cracked on with my sock and I`m really pleased with it so far.
While we were there, I couldn`t resist a trip to the Woolclip. There were too many beautiful wools to choose from! After much deliberation, I chose a hand spun, hand dyed wool in a shade called Raspberry Coulis! Good enough to eat!

I also bought a scarf kit in beautiful soft aquas and pinks. I have just started it and already my daughter Kate is dropping hints about needing a new scarf and how the colours of the one I`m knitting are really nice...........!

Today was the first Spennyknit group, at the Settlement in Spennymoor. Turn out was disappointing, but with it being the first one AND school holidays, things can only get better. I wish Andrea every success, Carrie and I had a lovely time. It`s brill at the moment what with Knitnnatter,Stitches, Knit knots and now Spennyknit, its wall to wall knitting! What more could a girl ask for( except more handbags of course!)